Creating the Language of Success

Communication matters at work, and is vital to every social and personal relationship we value. When you communicate with clarity, presence, and confidence, the sky is the limit in terms of what you can achieve. The Whittaker Group will help you get there.

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→ Learn key speech and intonation rules that guide mainstream English pronunciation
→ Speak with clarity, effectiveness, credibility and confidence
→ Learn communication skills to code switch regional dialects and modify your accent

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Cultural & Social Skills

→ Learn social skills specific to non-native English speakers
→ Enhance conversational skills and small talk to improve cultural competency
→ Develop vocabulary, humor, and figurative language

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Workplace Communication

→ Improve presentation and public speaking skills to better represent your business
→ Develop business writing and e-mail etiquette
→ Enhance professional image as a business professional




NEW: American Culture & Social Communication Training

Winter Session One: January 25th - March 5th

Guided conversations can reinforce new vocabulary, help speakers understand and use situationally relevant figurative expressions and slang, use and respond to socially appropriate humor, improve fluency, enhance pronunciation, and foster confidence.

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Here’s what participants are saying about Marjorie's recent regional accent training workshop offered by Boston Adult Education/Boston Casting on 12/12/15:

“Very engaging presentation.”
“It was fun!”
“Marjorie’s information and style was great.”
“It’s perfect.”
“Great presentation, materials, and class structure!”

Marjorie and Angela Perry discuss Boston accents on the Karlson and McKenzie show in November, 2015. Read More

I engaged Marjorie Whittaker, of The Whittaker Group, to work with a key member of my professional team. Marjorie exceeded my expectations in helping my (soon to be) practice partner improve her accent and communication skills, as well her executive presence. In order to take my business to the next level, it was critical for Dayana to provide an excellent patient experience, and to interface clearly and confidently with colleagues, students, and investors. Marjorie had the coaching tools to deliver what Dayana needed, and allowed me to continue to mentor and retain my top talent. I highly recommend her.
— Paul A. Schnitman, DDS, MSD, Dental Implants of Boston


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