It's been a great experience working with Marjorie

“I came to Marjorie’s sessions for preparing job interview questions. When all the sessions came to an end, I found what I had learned from her has gone much more than just answering questions. Marjorie made me relax, gain confidence and think how to reflect myself as a person through my answers. I appreciated that she gave me effective tactics to make my answers organized, succinct but powerful.”
— —L.T., a publishing professional (from China)

She was very insightful, engaging, and motivating!

As an immigrant family advisor, I always look for good programs and instructors to best support our families. Ms. Feinstein-Whittaker came and delivered a workshop on pronunciation. She was very insightful, engaging, and motivating! Families loved her presentation and I cannot wait for her to come back again.
— Sejin H. Choi, K-8 Immigrant Family Advisor

Thank you so much for visiting our class today

Presentation and communication skills are so very important to our students. Providing these brave young travelers with opportunities to gain confidence with public speaking will open many doors for them! Han even said that you explained how to say the last word of Martin Espada’s poem “with power” very well! What a great morning! ESL Rules is a fantastic resource.Thanks again!
— Alison and Anne (ELL High School Teachers)

I work in sales and marketing and perform complicated presentations

I work in sales and marketing where I have to perform complicated presentations in front of senior leadership and high profile customers. Sometimes I mispronounce my words or I unconsciously flip my Fs and Ps and my Bs and Vs. I always have been self conscious of my Filipino accent which is why I decided to pursue some speech therapy/accent coaching. I am very proud of my heritage but I wanted to tone down or eliminate my accent so that I am better understood during speaking engagements. I found the Whittaker group online and decided that they would be the right fit for the job since they work with a lot of people who want to tone down their accents.
I enjoyed working with Marjorie who made sure I was comfortable. She also gave me tips on having better communication with clients which I found very helpful to my job. She was able to point out some of my mispronounciations to which I was not aware. For example, I did not know that I had a problem with pronouncing my THs as Ds (That vs Dat, The vs. Duh, Father vs Fader) and that I did not fully pronounce my Ts (accent, decent,agent), which she referred to as “ final consonant blends”. She was fantastic at giving positive feedback and always gave me tips and pointers on how to watch out for my pronunciation. I have not completely eliminated my Filipino accent but this is most likely because I only went through five sessions so far. However, my friends and family did mention that I have improved in the words that I used to mispronounce. Marjorie gave me tools so that I can keep practicing my pronunciation independently. I highly recommend working with her if you want improvement on public speaking.
— S.A. Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales

I can speak English with a high degree of accuracy

I am a physician who graduated from an international medical school. Due to my strong accent, at times, people complained that I was difficult to understand. So, I decided to enroll in an accent modification and communication training course with The Whittaker Group. I have been working with Ms. Whittaker, who is a speech-language pathologist with over 30 years of experience. She worked on identifying my speech challenges including vowel and consonant sounds, word and sentence stress, and voice projection. She helped me increase awareness and ability to produce English in a style consistent with mainstream North American English. I am deeply impressed with her level of expertise, and very effective method of teaching. After four months training, I feel that I have made a lot of progress. I have gained confidence and can speak English with a high degree of accuracy and be easily understood by others. I am very happy with the outcome and cannot thank Ms. Whittaker enough for her time.
— L.Y., physician from China

I was offered the job

Good news! I was offered the job that spurred my desire to minimize my regional accent. I want to thank you for all your help and guidance through the interview process.
— William Harrington, Financial Consultant

My experience in this class was wonderful.

I had the opportunity to work closely with the instructor. She was able to identify each of the student’s needs, and provided individualized material to work on. I felt that all her attention was on me, which it was very helpful. From now on, I’ll be more aware when I’m speaking. I’ll try to apply everything that I learned in this class for the rest of my life. I’m very grateful to Marjorie, and what she taught me. Also I’m grateful to (my managers) for giving me the opportunity to be part of this pilot leadership, accent and communication training program. I hope that other employees will have the same opportunity. Thanks so much.
— M.R., Supervisor (world-renowned medical center, Boston, MA), originally from Puerto Rico

This is the best training class I have ever attended.

I learned a ton with one of the best instructors. I would say that this pilot program is good for anyone who needs foundational knowledge in leadership and accent, and wants to learn a lot in a short period of time.
— R.M., Instrument Technician (world-renowned medical center, Boston, MA) originally from Morocco

Now I am ready because I am more confident.

I (want to take) this opportunity to thank you for these three precious months of attending this program. I learned how English was difficult, but after this class, now I am ready because I am more confident. Thank you!
— M.J., Instrument Technician 2 (world-renowned medical center, Boston, MA), originally from Haiti

She paid attention to every single sound I pronounced

Marjorie Whittaker has designed a great program to address the needs of every international professional who wants to improve their accent and speech skills. She paid attention to every single sound I pronounced, at every moment of every session! Every week, I could hear the improvement in the way I pronounced words. People around me have started noticing my progress. Marjorie’s program equipped me with excellent skills and techniques that helped me practice daily in order to keep reducing my accent.
— Professor of Mechanical Engineering Originally from Greece

Marjorie Whittaker was a recent guest on the television show The Language of Business.

Our team was very impressed with Marjorie, her company, the way in which she works with her clients, and the outstanding content she’s included in her many published books. Over the past 18 months, Marjorie was one of only a few guests who opted to follow-up her appearance with a detailed blogging commentary. I have spent significant time outside of the US for business, either living overseas or frequently traveling abroad and intimately know the challenges involved with effective international business communication. It’s difficult but with practice and guidance can be improved working with people like The Whittaker Group. So, if you know of people who need to improve their business communication, or would like additional information on Marjorie or her firm, contact her!
— Greg

She has become an invaluable partner to our business.

I would highly recommend Marjorie and her services without reservation; she has become an invaluable partner to our business.
— Marisa Petrillo, Office Director, Corey McPherson Nash

Your materials provide very high-quality resources.

Your materials provides very high-quality resources for properly qualified and motivated students to use toward mastery of American Medical English. You are to be commended for the obvious diligence that you have expended in developing them. I would certainly give them my highest recommendations.
— Gerry Whelan, MD

She has helped me in so many different ways.

My journey as an international student in a new country has been a tough and challenging one. As a professional, I truly recognize and appreciate Marjorie’s labor as a great teacher. She has helped me in so many different ways. Marjorie’s teaching skills and strong spirit have been a great support to me in my long path to speak English fluently.
— AJ, Internationally licensed physician

Marjorie’s class proves to be a valuable asset for my future career.

This fall I decided to spend the time to improve my pronunciation and English communication skills through Marjorie Whitaker’s communication class. This effort was highly rewarding as I have improved both my pronunciation of English words and the ability to be understood in one-on-one conversation settings. It was Marjorie’s personal attention, care and guidance that allowed this successful outcome. The class gave me the tools, the material and the professional guidance to work on my English skills and master them as I embark on my next career challenge.
— YSG, Business Ops Manager, Telecom

I highly recommend Marjorie to anyone looking to speak more articulately.

She is extremely knowledgeable about her craft and is the consummate professional. She gives practical, useful advice to help you become a better speaker. Most importantly, you get real results in a short period of time. Truly worth the time and money.
— Linda Tucker, C.P.M., CPIM, Senior Curriculum Developer at Oracle

The three of us worked with Marjorie as part of our Presentation Skills Training.

She absolutely exceeded our expectations. Her humor, warmth, intelligence, ability to “go with the flow,” and really listen to our needs enhanced our confidence, clarity, and presence as communicators.
— AL, EC, AS Creative professionals at a leading branding and design studio

Marjorie's class has completely changed my life!

I feel more confident speaking English. I speak slowly and calmly and I am able to concentrate more on the subject than my pronunciation. I no longer have the anxiety about not being understood and I am aware of my mistakes and can catch myself and correct them.
— L.B., Aesthetician from Romania

I very much enjoyed working with Marjorie to improve my presentation skills.

Her advice was very valuable in both preparing the structure of the presentation and also managing my anxiety about public speaking. She provided a relaxed, friendly environment where I could practice my presentations. Marjorie also helped me overcome my soft spoken nature by developing the power of my voice. I’m now able to go into Board of Directors’ meetings with confidence and give clear, effective presentations!
— L.B., Manager at an accounting firm

My speech improved faster under Marjorie's coaching than a newborn under a patient mother.

I have been preparing for job interviews during my senior year at Boston University, and had chosen to work with Marjorie to reduce my Asian accent. A month later, I have received numerous compliments from friends that the way I speak is now very native. As a future professional in finance, speaking well-articulated English with no accent is a cornerstone of my clients’ confidence, convincing them that the fund is well invested, just as we are well disciplined. Marjorie has helped me achieve that.
— M.W., Business student from China