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Marjorie Feinstein-Whittaker is the co-author of student and teacher/trainer resources for accent modification and communication training, formerly sold as ESL RULES products. The materials are now  available as convenient ebooks, to take pronunciation to the next level for intermediate to advanced speakers from any language background and/or profession. These comprehensive and innovative programs help nonnative English speakers achieve academic and professional excellence and facilitate professional advancement.
To register for a program or purchase a product, please contact Marjorie directly at: 617.818.3335 or email


There are many great books on learning idioms, but few take the approach our clients really need: to teach idiomatic expressions functionally for conversational speech. Having idiomatic speech enhances your communication only when it is pronounced correctly and with a flow like that of a native speaker. Put another way, the idiomatic speech must obey the unique, often hidden rules of American English speech! The Mastering Idiomatic American Expression Series is a multi-pronged resource for intermediate+ language learners who would like to participate in natural, colloquial North American English as well as broaden their understanding of business and social expressions.


RULES is an innovative, comprehensive, cutting-edge approach to accent modification designed for intermediate to advanced students of American English. RULES takes training to the next level for academic/professional excellence and career advancement.

RULES addresses 23 critical and frequently confused rules – stress and intonation, pronunciation, and grammar.


  • Field-tested with students and clients in the business/financial, high-technology, scientific, and medical professions
  • Incorporates vocabulary development activities into many of the units
  • Includes rules for pronunciation of compound nouns, phrasal verbs, adjective + nouns, proper nouns, heteronyms, acronyms and initializations, syllable and sentence stress, numbers, reflexive pronouns, voicing and syllable length, linking, /t/ variations,  Y-insertions, syllable reductions, past tense endings, -s endings, consonant blends and clusters, articles and demonstrative pronouns, and prepositions.


  • Summary chart for RULES
  • 23 rules for stress and intonation, pronunciation, and grammar
  • Personal Introduction script for public speaking practice
  • Options for personalizing social, academic, and work-related vocabulary


RULES by the Sound evolved from RULES (RULES for Using Linguistic Elements of Speech) and Medically Speaking RULES. The sound loaded stories in the Medically Speaking RULES book quickly became a huge success with students/clients.

These stories were revised by shortening the sentences and formatting the stories so that users could practice more easily at the sentence level before proceeding to paragraphs. The program was expanded by developing stories for every consonant and vowel sound in American English, including vowel and consonant contrasts for an additional challenge. The themes of the stories were more general than the medically oriented stories in Medically Speaking RULES to have a broader appeal to non-native English speakers in a variety of professions.


Although we strongly believe that local dialects give speakers a unique and identifiable character, there are those who feel that their regional accent may be limiting them for personal and/or professional reasons. This ebook is designed to help give these speakers the valuable tool of “code-switching, ” in which they can turn their local accent on or off, depending on the situation. This ebook includes oral relaxation exercises, surveys and screenings, auditory discrimination exercises, targeted word, sentence and paragraph speaking practice and more to use a more neutral speaking style.


Over the past six years, ESL RULES has developed a series of accent training materials for non-native English speakers. These programs including RULES, RULES BY THE SOUND, Medically Speaking RULES, and Medically Speaking Idioms have been used by individuals from all over the world seeking to improve their communication skills for personal and professional reasons. There has been a growing interest from individuals with strong regional accents to modify their speech as well.


This program includes the 101 idioms from the Medically Speaking: Accent Modification for the Medical Profession program, plus almost 200 additional idioms and expressions to address the challenging language and pronunciation issues of American figurative language utilized in today s healthcare settings. Features: Idioms with definitions and sentence examples, Realistic dialogues using the targeted idioms, pre- and post-idioms tests, quizzes for each of the nine units, and supplemental idiom activities with even more idioms! Learn over 300 idioms and expressions to help you understand and communicate more effectively! Dialogues on MP3 may be purchased separately. It includes male and female voice recordings.