I work in sales and marketing and perform complicated presentations

I work in sales and marketing where I have to perform complicated presentations in front of senior leadership and high profile customers. Sometimes I mispronounce my words or I unconsciously flip my Fs and Ps and my Bs and Vs. I always have been self conscious of my Filipino accent which is why I decided to pursue some speech therapy/accent coaching. I am very proud of my heritage but I wanted to tone down or eliminate my accent so that I am better understood during speaking engagements. I found the Whittaker group online and decided that they would be the right fit for the job since they work with a lot of people who want to tone down their accents.
I enjoyed working with Marjorie who made sure I was comfortable. She also gave me tips on having better communication with clients which I found very helpful to my job. She was able to point out some of my mispronounciations to which I was not aware. For example, I did not know that I had a problem with pronouncing my THs as Ds (That vs Dat, The vs. Duh, Father vs Fader) and that I did not fully pronounce my Ts (accent, decent,agent), which she referred to as “ final consonant blends”. She was fantastic at giving positive feedback and always gave me tips and pointers on how to watch out for my pronunciation. I have not completely eliminated my Filipino accent but this is most likely because I only went through five sessions so far. However, my friends and family did mention that I have improved in the words that I used to mispronounce. Marjorie gave me tools so that I can keep practicing my pronunciation independently. I highly recommend working with her if you want improvement on public speaking.
— S.A. Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales

I can speak English with a high degree of accuracy

I am a physician who graduated from an international medical school. Due to my strong accent, at times, people complained that I was difficult to understand. So, I decided to enroll in an accent modification and communication training course with The Whittaker Group. I have been working with Ms. Whittaker, who is a speech-language pathologist with over 30 years of experience. She worked on identifying my speech challenges including vowel and consonant sounds, word and sentence stress, and voice projection. She helped me increase awareness and ability to produce English in a style consistent with mainstream North American English. I am deeply impressed with her level of expertise, and very effective method of teaching. After four months training, I feel that I have made a lot of progress. I have gained confidence and can speak English with a high degree of accuracy and be easily understood by others. I am very happy with the outcome and cannot thank Ms. Whittaker enough for her time.
— L.Y., physician from China