I was born in a former British colony. As a result, I spoke fluent English before I moved to the U.S., although I wanted to sound “American”.

After calling more than a dozen accent reduction programs in Boston, I came across the Whittaker Group. My first impression of Marj was the most positive, so I asked for references whose accents awed me. Consequently, I arranged for an assessment. On our first meeting, I was even more impressed with her as a person. She is a warm, cheerful and very friendly lady with a perpetual contagious smile. We had a pleasant, easy-going and well structured interview that assessed how I said every English consonant and vowel sound, as well as my intonation. It’s amazing how simple words like “the”and “man”can make a difference in one’s accent. Marj picked them up! I knew I wanted to work with her, as it was just a perfect fit. I quickly began to see noticeable differences in my accent, especially with my vowel sounds. Marj’s feedback helped me not only with my accent, but also with my voice quality and public speaking skills. The study books and CDs that she developed are phenomenal, user friendly and great for self study. I knew that I could not change my accent overnight and that it took a lot of practice constant feedback over a long time. So, I was quite flattered one day when a fellow colleague asked me how long I had been in the US. “Three years,”I replied. “When did you lose your accent?”he asked with conviction. Admittedly, I don’t sound 100% American, but I sound much more so than I did on the first assessment. I speak more clearly, articulate my thoughts better, communicate more effectively and indeed feel more confident speaking in public and giving professional talks. I have continued working with Marj and would definitely do it again, without hesitation. As a result, I strongly recommend her program.
— A.J., Doctoral Candidate from Zimbabwe