Having a managerial position at work often tests my communication skills.

I’m a native English speaker who wanted to improve my articulation and tone, reduce a regional accent, and polish up my speaking skills. All the books I found on speaking skills focused on ESL, or grammar, or other topics that didn’t apply to me. When I expressed my needs to Marjorie, I realized that what I was looking for was to improve my elocution skills. Within ten sessions of working with Marjorie I could hear an improvement in my voice and see results at work. Marjorie is very professional and supportive, and she made a potentially tedious topic fun and enjoyable for me. Marjorie also helped me with soft skills, like identifying assertive communication styles and using effective interpersonal communication to resolve conflicts. Before meeting Marjorie, I did not know such a speech class existed. I am so happy to have found her and highly recommend her classes to anyone who is looking to improve their communication skills.
— J.K., Boston, MA