I work in sales and marketing and perform complicated presentations

I work in sales and marketing where I have to perform complicated presentations in front of senior leadership and high profile customers. Sometimes I mispronounce my words or I unconsciously flip my Fs and Ps and my Bs and Vs. I always have been self conscious of my Filipino accent which is why I decided to pursue some speech therapy/accent coaching. I am very proud of my heritage but I wanted to tone down or eliminate my accent so that I am better understood during speaking engagements. I found the Whittaker group online and decided that they would be the right fit for the job since they work with a lot of people who want to tone down their accents.
I enjoyed working with Marjorie who made sure I was comfortable. She also gave me tips on having better communication with clients which I found very helpful to my job. She was able to point out some of my mispronounciations to which I was not aware. For example, I did not know that I had a problem with pronouncing my THs as Ds (That vs Dat, The vs. Duh, Father vs Fader) and that I did not fully pronounce my Ts (accent, decent,agent), which she referred to as “ final consonant blends”. She was fantastic at giving positive feedback and always gave me tips and pointers on how to watch out for my pronunciation. I have not completely eliminated my Filipino accent but this is most likely because I only went through five sessions so far. However, my friends and family did mention that I have improved in the words that I used to mispronounce. Marjorie gave me tools so that I can keep practicing my pronunciation independently. I highly recommend working with her if you want improvement on public speaking.
— S.A. Pharmaceutical and Biotech Sales