Technology Travails And Triumphs

Technology Travails

I come by it honestly. I am the technologically challenged daughter of a long and proud line of technophobes. I grew up believing that if I touched the TV remote without express authorization, I could single-handedly trigger a tsunami or a nuclear holocaust. I grew up believing that entering the social media world would be fraught with danger.

However, as a small business owner, not facing my fears could have even more dire consequences on my world of  business.

So, I sought the help of a professional. No, not a psychologist who could help me overcome my fear of all things electronic- someone even BETTER.

I found a savvy, high energy guru who could guide me safely through the tumultuous waters of social media.

After a few hours of coaching, I felt much less intimidated than when I began my journey. Even my kids who surf the net with wild abandon and need earth moving equipment to separate them from their Instagram posts, are actually calling me “cool.”

I am proud to say that I have established my presence on Facebook, linked in, Twitter, constant contact, and Youtube.

I am now able to focus my attention on my target market. I can revel in building my existing relationships, and building new ones.

I now understand how critically important it is to have an active social media campaign.

I know that not having a presence in the ever-changing virtual community is as good as closing up shop.

So, rest assured, if you are anything like me, take the plunge and find a trustworthy reliable guide. Your computer will not  blow up. I am living proof!